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Item #: SCP-3412


Object Class: Safe


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3412 is contained in a secure item storage locker in Site-19. Further requests for testing are to be submitted to a Level Three researcher, and are considered low-priority.

特殊收容措施: SCP-3412 被保存於 Site-19 的儲物櫃中。相關實驗申請須由三級研究員過審,其優先等級認定為低度。

Description: SCP-3412 is a CD labeled "Life in a Peaceful New World". Three songs are contained on the disc, the first two being the entirety of the album Life in a Peaceful New World1 by noise musician Mo*Te. The untitled third song is not present on the original album, and contains several heavily modified excerpts of the first two songs placed throughout the track, layered over two distinct droning trumpets and guitar feedback. Attempts to transfer the song to digital storage for further analysis universally fail.

描述: SCP-3412 是一片標明著「嶄新世界中的美好生活」的CD,裡頭包含三首歌曲。前兩首為噪音音樂家Mo*Te所著的完整專輯《嶄新世界中的美好生活》2,缺乏標題的第三首歌並無記載於原始專輯,收錄的乃是前兩首歌的改版,其音軌被兩道分明的蜂鳴聲及吉他迴授音取代。為分析歌曲而將其轉為數位資料儲存的嘗試皆宣告失敗。

Subjects listening to SCP-3412 become unable to perceive other sounds until they listen to completion. During playback, various types of non-anomalous centipedes will manifest in a variable but consistently small area where SCP-3412 is being played as dirt gradually covers any surface not already covered in dirt. Following completion of the album, all dirt manifested by SCP-3412 will disappear.

當對象開始聆聽 SCP-3412,於音樂結束前無法察覺其他聲音。於音樂重播過程,SCP-3412 附近將出現多種不含異常特性的蜈蚣於不特定但一致的小範圍內,同時灰塵將逐漸覆蓋於所有未被覆蓋的表面。當 SCP-3412 播放結束,所有由該項目所產生之灰塵將隨之消失。

Twenty minutes into the third song, a spoken word section will play over the instrumentation. The identity of the speaker is unknown, and all attempts at discerning the identity have been unsuccessful.

於播放第三首歌 20 分鐘後,樂器於持續演奏的同時將出現言語聲。現階段無法識別其來源,任何相關嘗試皆宣告失敗。

Incident 3412-B: On 06/11/17, during final rounds of testing to ascertain SCP-3412's range of effect, the portable CD player SCP-3412 was tested on ran out of power partway through the final song's spoken word section. The player's batteries were subsequently replaced and the test resumed; personnel affected by SCP-3412's auditory anomaly then reported hearing muffled sounds approximating fanfare music in addition to SCP-3412.

事件 3412-B:2017 年 6 月 11 日,在 SCP-3412 之影響範圍的最後一次實驗中,用於播放 SCP-3412 的可攜式 CD 播放器在播到最後一首歌的言語部分時電源中斷,並於換上新電池後繼續測試。人員表示在受到 SCP-3412 的異常音頻影響後,除了原本的音樂外還聽見了近似開場音樂的低沉聲音。

Almost all affected personnel continued to hear these sounds until nine minutes after the album had concluded. The sole exception was Doctor Hyden Lear, who reported tinnitus and hearing the sounds of pencil scribbling for approximately 70 hours after the fact. Dr. Lear requested a site transfer and accompanying Class-C amnestics the next day, citing stress over SCP-3412. Transfer request was granted.

歌曲結束後的九分鐘,幾乎所有受到異常音頻影響的人員持續聽見音樂,唯一的意外是 Hyden Lear 博士。該對象表示接下來的 70 小時皆處於耳鳴的狀態,並且聽見鉛筆於紙張上磨擦的聲音。Lear 博士於翌日要求轉移站點,且由於 SCP-3412 所造成的壓力,對象亦請求進行 C 級記憶消除。請求已批准。

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