Scp 733

Item #: SCP-733

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-733-01 is stored in a secure locker at Site-██. Experimentation with SCP-733-01 may only be performed with prior permission from at least two (2) Level 4 personnel, and any testing performed must be done with direct supervision from at least one (1) Level 3 personnel. As of ██/█/██, all testing with SCP-733-01 has been suspended due to Incident 733-03.

SCP-733-02 is currently stored in a secure, humidity-controlled document locker at Site-██. Direct access to SCP-733-02 may only be performed with prior permission from at least two (2) Level 3 personnel, but access to transcripts and scans of SCP-733-02's contents is available via standard network access to anyone with at least Level 2 clearance.

描述: SCP-733-01是一對華麗的銀色剪刀,顯然是在18██年左右製作的。當用於[按O5命令,內容被刪除]

當被發現時,SCP-733-01被壓在SCP-733-02頁面之間,這是一本大約有80頁,手工製作且具皮革裝訂的書。 SCP-733-02的頁面包含33張黑白照片,以及137段手寫文本。 SCP-733-02中的文本作者被分析為屬於兩個身份不明的人,一個約20-25歲的男性(對象A)和女性(對象B),他們似乎是情侶關係。對SCP-733-02中內照片的分析中並未發現任何篡改,更改或修改的痕跡。





附錄733-01: SCP-733-02中具價值的圖像和文字記錄

頁數: 2
描述:內容顯示在長草山丘上有一張被展開的毯子,上方放有一個野餐籃。毯子中的凹陷與一個人坐在毯子上的凹陷相同,但相片中並沒有人。 「我第一次見到你時,你就像冉冉升起的太陽一樣,以你那容光煥發的美貌消除了我心中因孤獨而成的寒意。」-對象A。

頁數: 13
描述:在擁擠的餐廳裡的一張桌子的照片。一個穿著考究的中年紳士看到他旁邊有一個空座位,正在交談和/或大笑。 “即使是我的父親也溺愛你!多年來我沒有看到他如此熱情地笑。” - 主題A.

Subject: Photograph #11, Text Fragment #49
Page(s): 18, 19
Description: A photograph of a wedding chapel. Shadow patterns indicate a woman in a dress should be within the frame of the picture, but no such woman is visible. "When I saw you walking down the aisle, you took my breath away. I have never been so happy as on that day." - Subject A

Subject: Photograph #26, Text Fragment #93
Page(s): 51
Description: A cradle containing a newborn infant, propped up next to an empty chair. "Our daughter Agatha. The fruit of our love." - Subject A

Subject: Photograph #29, Text Fragment #115
Page(s): 56
Description: A smiling, handsome man of approximately 20 years of age stands with his hand extended, as if holding something that cannot be seen. "Your friend, ████████. I am almost made jealous by the happiness you show when he is in town!" - Subject A

Subject: Text Fragment #128
Page(s): 61
Description: "████████, ████████, ████████. Why must you spend so much time with him? Our bed seems to have grown cold lately. Am I at fault?" - Subject A

Subject: Text Fragment #133
Page(s): 63
Description: "My dear ██████, it is with sadness that I admit to having had an affair with my beloved ████████. I cannot deny it any longer; though I am reluctant, when you read this I will already be gone. I can only hope that you can find it within your heart to forgive me." - Subject B

Subject: Photograph #33, Text Fragments #136-137
Page(s): 67, 68
Description: A damaged photograph, older than the ones before it, showing a couple holding hands. The face of the man as well as the surroundings are blurred by what appears to be drops of human tears and smeared blood, and the woman has been cut out using scissors. "It has been a long time since I have written. My tears are run dry, and sorrow has turned to hatred in my heart." -Subject A "If I cannot have you, then no one else will. No one shall even remember your name when I am through." - Subject A

Addendum 733-02: Experiment Log for SCP-733


Addendum 733-03: Incident 733-03

On ██/█/██, a security breach was reported at Site-██. Upon investigation, security footage showed Agent ██████ opening SCP-733-01's containment locker and [REDACTED]. Further investigation showed that an unidentified senior Foundation researcher was missing from Site-██, determined by checking the Site-██ roster for unfilled positions.

When questioned, Agent ██████ refused to answer questions, merely stating, "He got what he deserved." Agent ██████ is currently detained at Site-█, pending further investigation.

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