Branches of the SCP-Foundation,

we write to you today because we can no longer remain silent, considering recent developments. You may have heard of Andrej Duksin, the creator of ARTSCP and the SCP-Artbooks, who earlier this year has registered SCP as a trademark in Russia, and used it to exploit others for money. We have preferred to remain in the background, in agreement with and supporting RU’s staff all we could, but not making a bigger fuss than necessary. However, the situation has changed.

As you may know, not only has he illegitimately acquired a trademark on the SCP logo and name, and has forced merchandise sellers out of business or to pay him a fee. After laying low for a while, he resumed proceeding against sellers. He took down several VK groups (VK is the Russian equivalent to Facebook), using the trademark he has no right to possess. Of course, VK can do nothing but obey his claims, as it is not up to them to check the legitimacy of his possession of said trademark. We know he aims to get control over the Russian branch. We know he threatens Dimitry Zelten (Osobist, an Admin of SCP-RU) personally. We know he is after his financial wellbeing. We know of the threats, of the ultimatums, of the extortion attempts. We know everything. And we are speechless. He not only threatens the very existence of the Russian branch and community. He threatens the integrity of the SCP-Foundation and the community as a whole, worldwide, and for reasons we do not understand, the financial wellbeing of one of the admins.

But we will not succumb, nor will we give in. The SCP-Foundation has faced several dramas, several crises over the years. This is, by far, the most extreme, the most threatening, and most serious. And not comparable to anything before, and hopefully the last of its kind. Yet, we stand with the, Russian branch, and with their admins. We will do everything in our power to avert this threat, to find back to normalcy, and we will never stop to stand together. And we stand by his victims, by those he forced to pay him, or lost their business because of his doings. We wish them to get justice and the money back he cost them.

And even if he would find a way to become administrator of the Russian wiki, we will never accept a wiki with him as admin and will unofficialize such a wiki, making it worthless for him. However, even that would not be the end of the Russian branch; rest assured that we have a backup plan for that case.

His registration of the trademark is a violation of the Russian Civil Code 1483 paragraph 9 part 1, Russian Civil Code 1512 paragraph 2 part 1, and the Berne Convention, and will not persist. We are currently preparing to put him on trial; an extreme measure, which we normally would try to avoid due to the high costs. When his doings were brought to light earlier this year, many people asked if they could donate to sue him. Back then, we declined, and tried to solve the situation by diplomacy and through bureaucracy. But since things have changed, the answer is yes. We are preparing a crowd-funding which will be available in a few days. We will keep you updated.:

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