Dear sir or madam,

Hong Kong government are proposed a reclamation project call "Lantau tomorrow vision" in 2018 policy address if Hing Kong. In the government policy address is list out quite alot benefit for this project. Include,

First,the project can create job opportunitiy.Refer to the content of policy address,this project will develop a new core business district of Hong Kong after Kowloon East and Central. Therefore,in this vision can attract more company to settle down new department in Hong Kong and provide more job opportunitiy to solve the employment problem in Hong Kong.

Also,the project can create more Housing supply. Refer to the vision, this project will reclaim in Siu Ho Wan for the public housing, those land can provide public housing for 700,000 to 1 million people. The government will use to land to solve the serious housing problems in Hong Kong.

But,instead of the little benefit,this project will make up alot of problem.First,the project will destroy the natural species.Refer to the research which written by Greenpeace,it list out quite alot animals will be highly effected,example,Dibamus bogadeki,is a legless lizard endemic to Hong Kong. In this case,Greenpeace are also complained that the Ecology value of Lantau has been underestimate by government.

Second,the cost for this project is very expensive and the cost is even over the benefit.The Professional Commons,a Hong Kong public policy think tank estimate it will use 1.2 billion Hong Kong dollars in this project. Also,refer to their research,they find that in this project government are overestimated,most of the benefit need to cooperate with external factors. Therefore, it is not useful at all.

For conclusion,I think in this project the government are overconfident and miss out many concern.Therefore it will be better for us to think more before carry out

Thank you.

Lewis Cheung

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