Dear editor,

Our environment are being more worse now.Therefore we need to start a quick and efficient action to stop the pollution.In this situation,I think tourist eco tax is a good way for us to protect the earth.

Tourist eco tax would help to reduce the environmental damage caused by large number of tourists .For the example of Maldives archipelago, a population tourist destination known for its luxurious resorts and white-sand, the money accumulated would then be used for conservation project.

Tourists should be responsible for the pollutants they produce in the places they visit and protect the earth. Therefore the tourist eco tax is a efficient and easy way for the government to protect the environment especially of the place that tourists will go.

task 10
Good Moring everyone , I am Fred Smart , a School education department officer of environmental group called Green Life Hong Kong.In today speech , we will talk about the green living and why we need to start it.

In Hong Kong , most of the greenhouse gas produced in our daily life is household energy use and the second is private car.For Hong Kong climate change , the mean sea level in 2017 is higher than 1954 about 0.2cm because of the quickly rising of Hong Kong temperature. Therefore because of the more higher temperature, our climate are being increasing.

We can do something to slower the environment change.We can use the energy efficient at home and recycle or reduce the rubbish by ourselves.

In the 21 century, the environment is change alot and become more dangerous. But we call still do something to save it.,Goodbye.

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